Lex dancing Cropped

Youth-XPerience is all about finding out who you are and learning to appreciate that unique individual.  Healthy relationships cannot be formed if there is no self-acceptance and self-love first.  So how do you guide your child toward that healthy path?  Come join us...

This fall, we are starting a program for Kids between the ages of 8 and 11.  This age group is starting to challeng parental beliefs and values as they can be greatly influenced by their peers.  Why not give them a change to develop clear, healthy thinking while having fun and meeting others of a similar mind at the same time.  We hope to see your child there!!

Kid’s Transformational Dance is a journey.  We provide a map (direction) and tools (methods) to help your child develop good habits that will enhance the confidence and leadership skills of his/her life. 

As Treasure Hunters-in-training, your child will be learning how to discover his/her inner-treasures as well as how to love, honour and celebrate them. Children are taught how to observe and revere the unique qualities that make them special!


Your child’s fabulous inner confidence and inner self love will be nurtured in an environment that is safe and supportive. Life skills are taught that will benefit them as they grow.

Programs are not just for trained dancers. The dance routines are one of the tools that encourage your child to get out of his/her comfort zone and they enjoy a sense of accomplishment upon completion. The program empowers children to feel confident, to celebrate their unique qualities and to accept encouragement as well as encourage others.

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